Golf Course Math
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Frustrated with all those complicated calculations ? 
Or maybe you just want to double-check your numbers?

Then "Golf Course Math" is just what you need!

Calculate the area size of squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, triangles, and even irregular shapes such as greens, fairways, bunkers, etc.

Tells you how much bunker sand you need, or topdressing (for both aerated and non aerated 
areas), and calculates the amount of water in a pond or lake.

Calculates both granular and liquid (even tells you how much to put in a tank and how many 
tanks you'll need). Also allows for price comparisons

Also calculates both dry and liquid (again giving the per tank amount), as well as allowing 
price comparisons.

Helps you calibrate drop spreaders, rotary spreaders and tank sprayer.

Tells you how much water will be required to irrigate any area.

For dry weights, liquids, area, and application rates.

Plants Required
Just input the size of the flowerbed and the recommended spacing, and "Golf Course Math" will 
tell you how many plants you need.

Golf Course Math
$99 USD

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  2. Area
  3. Calibrate
  4. Conversions
  5. Fertilizer
  6. Irrigation
  7. Pesticides
  8. Plants Required
  9. Volume