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As a professional manager responsible for a large budget, accurate record keeping is a must. Turf Log allows you to do that easily and affordably, providing you with a variety of impressive reports.

Turf Log even lets you backup your files, making them all easily accessible in case you ever need to access them another year.

What makes Turf Log so special?

It's simple - and that's the beauty of this program! It was written by a Golf Course Superintendent, realizing that not everyone is a computer expert. While powerful enough for the serious user, it is also simple enough for the novice. Also, understanding the desire to minimize office time, data entry is quick and easy. Then, impressive reports are only a mouse click away.

Here's what Turf Log can do.


  • Setup a budget
  • Keep track of all your expenditures
  • Know exactly how your expenditures are doing compared to your budget
  • Access reports sorted by category, supplier, date, etc...


  • Assign numbers to each unit
  • Record make, model, year, cost, supplier, date received, etc...
  • Track repairs, including manhours and cost of parts


  • Easily record employees' vital information, such as addresses, tel. numbers, emergency info, start and end dates, wages, etc...
  • Password protection allows you to keep the staff info private
  • Bonus! Turf Log alerts you when it's an employee's birthday.


  • Allows you to track what you applied, where you applied it, who applied it, spreader settings, etc...


  • With today's environmental issues, it is imperative that accurate records be kept of all pesticide use


  • Record any or all of the many cultural practices performed
  • Track the temperature, weather conditions and precipitation

​​$599 USD

Free Trial
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